Staats Genealogy

      Note: the names in red indicate my direct descendants.

      Note: see section 8 to see where the Greenlee lineage began in my family. Ola O. Greenlee was my Great Grandmother and the daughter of George B. Greenlee.

      1. Abraham Staats, came to Gowanus, Long Island, N.Y. (Brookland) in 1642, from either Barrevelt or Barneveld in the province of Gelderland, Holland. He was one of the early settlers of Kings Co., Long Island, N.Y.
      2. Peter Staats was born at Gowanus, Long Island about 1670 and is believed to be the son of Abraham Staats. One of his direct descendents was John.
      3. John Staats was born at Gowanus, Long Island and Married Gertrude Quick. Soon after their marriage they left Gowanus and settled in Hillsborough, Somerset Co., N.J. To this union were born seven children: Peter, John S., Abraham, Rynear, James, Marie and Phoebe.
      4. Abraham Staats, son of John and Gertrude, was born about 1751. Married Margaret DuBois and lived at Bound Brook, N.J. Seven children were born of this union: Isaac, Elijah, Abraham, Elizabeth, and three other daughters, one married a LaTourette.

        (Abraham Staats of N.J. was the father of the founders of the West Virginia Staats families. During the Revolutionary War, he served as a minute-man and served his country in many ways. For instance, during part of the war, while Washington's army was at Valley Forge, General Baron Von Stauben made his headquarters at Abraham's home at Bound Brook, N.J. General and Mrs. Washington, and General LaFayette, together with many other noted men were frequent visitors at the Staats home. Three brothers of Abraham Staats served as commissioned officers during the Revolution. They were Col. Peter Staats, Lieutenant Rynear Staats, and Col. John Staats, who was killed at the Battle of White Plains.)
      5. Abraham Staats ( -1826) born Bound Brook, N.J. Was an early settler of Jackson Co., coming to the mouth of Mill Creek around 1800. Married Anna King ( -1811) a cousin of Rufus King, the first American Ambassador to France. In 1803, after settling in Mill Creek, he and his wife joined the Methodist class organized at the home of Joseph Parsons. Sometime afterward, he moved up Mill Creek to what is known as the Old Staats Farm at Evans. He died there about 1826. According to Harold Staats, his death was due to infection from a bear bite which he received while hunting. He was buried at the Staats Cemetary at Evans. Nine children were born from the union of Abraham and Anna: Cornelius, Abraham, Elijah, Jacob, Anna, Cathrine, Susannah, Sarah and Rebecca.
        Abraham's 2nd marriage was to Sarah Tilghman. Three children were born of this union: Hannah, William and John.
      6. Cornelius Staats (1790-1812) died in the war of 1812. He married Anna Carney, daughter of Thomas Carney. Two Children were born from this union: Polly and Isaac.
      7. Isaac Staats erected the first mill at the present site of Staats Mills, W.Va. This post office was named after him. For some unknown reason Isaac would spell his surname Statts and then later Staats. Isaac killed the last deer killed on Tug Fork. He married Ann Eliza Tolley (or Tolla) Aug. 18, 1833. Eliza was an expert ghost-story teller. Many an evening was spent by her telling the neighborhood children, as well as her own, various ghost stories and old legends and traditions. The union between Isaac and Eliza produced 13 children:
        Anderson Aug. 9,1834
        Binda 1836 (invalid)
        Mary Jane 1838-m. David Casto
        William Aug. 15, 1840-Sept. 1, 1914 m. Emily Casto
        Enoch Aug. 9,1842-Apr. 2, 1912m. Louisa Casto2nd m. Zonie Wendell
        Sarah Mar. 16, 1845-May 25, 1891m. Granville Morris
        Anne May 18 1847- m. F.A. Casto
        Squire June 28, 1850-m. Nancy Rebecca Dobsen
        Granderson Nov. 15, 1851-Sept.14, 1920m. Telitha Casto
        Hannah Dec. 10, 1854-Feb. 20, 1893m. George N. Wendell
        John Franklin Feb. 15, 1858-m. Sarah Casto
        Riley Mar. 18, 1860- m. Alice Casto
        Polly June 17, 1863-m. Joel Casto
      8. William F. Staats married Emily Jane Casto, daughter of Nicolas Casto, on June 3 1866. To this union were born nine children:
        Cordelia May 31, 1867-m. Lovel M. Parsons-3 children
        William A. 1868-1932m. Ola O. Greenlee Aug. 30, 1878-Sept. 26, 1967
        Ava Belle Feb. 10, 1869-Aug. 19, 1906m. Jacob Pfost
        Sarah Louisa Apr. 23, 1871- m. D.C. Shamblin-8 chldren
        Holly F. Aug. 3, 1873-m. Pearl Knopp-3 children
        Enoch Oct. 7, 1875-m. Alley Carney-4 children
        Dora A. Mar. 31, 1878- m. Cas. Lushion Skidmore-10 children
        Cora Lee Nov. 11, 1881-m. Evert E. Simmons-9 children
        Edda D. June 2, 1883-
      9. William A. Staats married Ola O. Greenlee, daughter of George B. Greenlee. To this union five children were born: Audell, Earl, Harold, Charles W. and twin Lois who died at birth.
      10. Harold married Rose Vanni. From this Union one child was born Jack William.
        Harold's 2nd marriage was to Josephine. Two children were born of this union: Larry and Michael.
      11. Jack W.(Nov. 20, 1932-Dec. 5, 1969) married Norma R. Johnson(Nov. 29, 1936-). From this union 4 children were born: Vicki Lynn (Jan. 25, 1955-), Cindi Jo (Jan. 30, 1957-), Kathi Ann (July 18, 1959-) and Lauri Lee (Jan. 29, 1961-).